Happy Nomad’s Guide for Hitchhiking in Myanmar

Compared to other SEA (South East Asia) countries, like Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, Myanmar is a very special country. It is probably the most underdeveloped country in SEA, with the most difficult and complex political situation. However, it is a beautiful country with great people! In many ways, it is the 'Iran' of SEA. Iran... Continue Reading →

Happy Nomad’s Guide for Hitchhiking in Vietnam

General Impression Compared to other Indochina peninsula countries, Vietnam is visibly more populated, or overpopulated, with 93 million people living in a country as big as Finland (5.5 million) and Poland (38 million). It is a scooter land, with enormous amount of scooters everywhere! So expect to hitchhike many scooters there. It is not as... Continue Reading →

The Journey Never Ends

Continued Sieb was living alone in a big apartment and he hosted me there. We went to visit Gerthorn, a beautiful water village resembling Venice and had dinner at a lake. We also went to a fishing village called Urk, where part of the 2017 blockbuster Dunkirk was filmed. It was a beautiful place with... Continue Reading →

The Truck Driver Politician

Continued Hanover: Another Boring Western Germany City My couchsurfing host in Hanover was Tatiana, a mother with a 4-month old baby. She was originally from Belarus but moved to Germany with her parents when she was a teenager. She got a stable job in a bank in Hanover after studying. Well, you see, those office... Continue Reading →

The Russian German Wife Spy

Continued My host was a family of 4 people, the parents, Ann and Johan and then two little boys. 🙂 They lived in a small town named Bissendorf, among the corn fields. Yes, there you go, corns again. 🙂 They were lovely people. They previously lived in the UK for half a year. Ann taught... Continue Reading →

Germany Is Not Sexy and They Know It

Continued The Road to Hanover After staying in Braunschweig for a few days, I started hitchhiking to Hanover. That was a sunny morning and I did sufficient research about where to stand and what to expect. I found a perfect spot near a tram stop and started hitchhiking. For two hours, people passed by, with... Continue Reading →

The Last Men Standing

Continued It Was Not Possible to Leave Riebau The next day was a lazy one. Agata and Andrzej had been claiming to be leaving 'the next day at 6 AM' everyday. On that day they were ever firmer. Agata: Yes, this time we are really really leaving! Going to start hitchhiking at 6 AM tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Along the Iron Curtain

Continued The Fairy-like Couple in the East German Forest On a sunny morning, I said goodbye to Lotte, who was studying in the new university building designed by Daniel Liebskind. and set out hitchhiking to Riebau for the gathering of hitchhikers. Before I left, Lotte gave me a bottle of chocolate paste to share with... Continue Reading →

The Most Awesome Bike in Germany

continued The Classic Musician in the Hippie Quarter So I landed in Wittenburg at night. Since this place was so small, couchsurfing was not a possibility. I prayed to the God of Good Weather for Traveling to let the rain stop so I could camp outside. It worked! At about 11 PM the rain sort... Continue Reading →

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