The People Who Bring Light to the World

Continued The Last Secrets of Europe I must tell you this. I love Poland. I really do. When most of my Polish friends hear this, they are like 'What? Are you kidding?' , but hey! I am sincere. My first girlfriend was Polish and I had visited Poland so many times. I even took a... Continue Reading →

When Berlin Did Not Want Me to Leave

Continued The Nightmare to Exit Berlin I stayed first in the place of Vicky's friend, a Swiss dude living in Berlin. He quit his job not long ago and was then working on a coffee-related entrepreneurship project. He went to Colombia to research on coffee farms there. He was a cool dude and cooked lovely... Continue Reading →

The Most Ungerman City in Germany

Continued Martin and the German Speed The two German teachers who hosted us in their house drove us to a gas station on the way to Osnabruck. We thanks them again and again. Now we were back on the road again, with new adventures ahead. OK, compared to hitchhiking in Pakistan or Eastern Africa, hitchhiking... Continue Reading →

Four Years, Two Hitchhikers

Continued A Strange Noise There was a strange noise around my tent. Although I slept with earplugs, I still clearly heard it. It sounded like metal chinking but not exactly. 'Never mind', I tried to continue sleeping. However, the noise was becoming nearer and nearer. I woke up and realized it was the noise of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Is Just Another Day

Dec 24th, 2014 Most people wait the whole week for weekend, the whole year for vocation, the whole life for retirement. I TRAVEL! It sounds pretty cool, he? For a traveller (not tourist or vacationer), everyday is weekend, everyday is vocation and most of us do not work, at least when traveling. However, it also... Continue Reading →

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