Happy Nomad’s Guide for Hitchhiking in Cambodia

Let me see, you are going to Cambodia because you want to visit Angkor Wat and you happen to be an adventurer, well, congratulations! 🙂 Cambodia is a great country for hitchhiking, especially for the north of Cambodia. Compared to Thailand or Vietnam, Cambodia is visibly poorer and the road condition is thus worse than... Continue Reading →

Happy Nomad’s Guide for Hitchhiking in Myanmar

Compared to other SEA (South East Asia) countries, like Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, Myanmar is a very special country. It is probably the most underdeveloped country in SEA, with the most difficult and complex political situation. However, it is a beautiful country with great people! In many ways, it is the 'Iran' of SEA. Iran... Continue Reading →

The Journey Never Ends

Continued Sieb was living alone in a big apartment and he hosted me there. We went to visit Gerthorn, a beautiful water village resembling Venice and had dinner at a lake. We also went to a fishing village called Urk, where part of the 2017 blockbuster Dunkirk was filmed. It was a beautiful place with... Continue Reading →

The Truck Driver Politician

Continued Hanover: Another Boring Western Germany City My couchsurfing host in Hanover was Tatiana, a mother with a 4-month old baby. She was originally from Belarus but moved to Germany with her parents when she was a teenager. She got a stable job in a bank in Hanover after studying. Well, you see, those office... Continue Reading →

The Russian German Wife Spy

Continued My host was a family of 4 people, the parents, Ann and Johan and then two little boys. 🙂 They lived in a small town named Bissendorf, among the corn fields. Yes, there you go, corns again. 🙂 They were lovely people. They previously lived in the UK for half a year. Ann taught... Continue Reading →

Germany Is Not Sexy and They Know It

Continued The Road to Hanover After staying in Braunschweig for a few days, I started hitchhiking to Hanover. That was a sunny morning and I did sufficient research about where to stand and what to expect. I found a perfect spot near a tram stop and started hitchhiking. For two hours, people passed by, with... Continue Reading →

The Last Men Standing

Continued It Was Not Possible to Leave Riebau The next day was a lazy one. Agata and Andrzej had been claiming to be leaving 'the next day at 6 AM' everyday. On that day they were ever firmer. Agata: Yes, this time we are really really leaving! Going to start hitchhiking at 6 AM tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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