Happy Nomad’s Guide for Hitchhiking in Vietnam

General Impression Compared to other Indochina peninsula countries, Vietnam is visibly more populated, or overpopulated, with 93 million people living in a country as big as Finland (5.5 million) and Poland (38 million). It is a scooter land, with enormous amount of scooters everywhere! So expect to hitchhike many scooters there. It is not as... Continue Reading →

Germany Is Not Sexy and They Know It

Continued The Road to Hanover After staying in Braunschweig for a few days, I started hitchhiking to Hanover. That was a sunny morning and I did sufficient research about where to stand and what to expect. I found a perfect spot near a tram stop and started hitchhiking. For two hours, people passed by, with... Continue Reading →

When Berlin Did Not Want Me to Leave

Continued The Nightmare to Exit Berlin I stayed first in the place of Vicky's friend, a Swiss dude living in Berlin. He quit his job not long ago and was then working on a coffee-related entrepreneurship project. He went to Colombia to research on coffee farms there. He was a cool dude and cooked lovely... Continue Reading →

The Most Ungerman City in Germany

Continued Martin and the German Speed The two German teachers who hosted us in their house drove us to a gas station on the way to Osnabruck. We thanks them again and again. Now we were back on the road again, with new adventures ahead. OK, compared to hitchhiking in Pakistan or Eastern Africa, hitchhiking... Continue Reading →

The Strangers Who Invited Us Home

Continued Thousands of Reasons to Love Leiden So... yeah, with asking around in gas stations, being sociable and some luck, we got smoothly from Maastricht to Leiden. We stayed in the house of my friend Erik and Cesar. Erik was not home, which was not surprising, because he was almost never home anymore. He now... Continue Reading →

All Species of Policemen in USA

Continued Super Polite Police From where Toby left me, I started asking the truck drivers for a ride. Seriously, almost all the trucks were going on the highway and there were not many directions to go and Rochester was just a few miles away, but nope, none of them said they were going that way.... Continue Reading →

What?! You Don’t Have Money?!

Dec 18th, 2014 From where the "gangster looking" driver dropped me, I walked a few minutes, passed a school where little kids looked at me with full curiosity, and arrived at a gas station. One truck was standing there and the driver's English was barely sufficient to understand me, but he asked for money. --"What?! You don't have money?!"......... Continue Reading →

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