Turkish Uncle, Secret Date and the European Border

The Turkish uncle who picked me up did not speak a word of English and I was trying all the Turkish words I knew and all the awesome gestures to make a possible conversation. “I, 27, not married, Chinese, PhD student, going to Plovdiv in Bulgaria, low on money, Turkey great, love Turkey!”……

We stopped at a gas station, a rather simple and primitive one, to have a cup of tea and the uncle had to talk with his friends working there, who welcomed us warmly and served tea to us. After they had a calm talk which I did not understand a word we went on the road again. From where the major dropped me to the border, it was only about 20 km to the Bulgarian border, but it took us about 40 min, since the truck was old and it was getting dark, darker and pitch dark.

As we finally arrived at the border, uncle made a gesture of sleeping. Yes, he would sleep first and cross the border the next morning. Me? No, I was going to cross the border at night and try to reach Plovdiv the same night!

That was my first time to hitchhike at night. Although it was cold like the top of the Alps, I was warmed inside by the smooth hitchhiking today. How about safety? Well, dear friends, the concern for safety was something to empower you, protect you, not restrain you or worse, weaken you.

I had and still have always believed The Law of Attraction. If you want something badly enough and always think about it, you will attract it. Same with hitchhiking, if I always keep my spirit up and hold the belief that kind-hearted trustworthy people are everywhere, just waiting for me in the next corner to meet them, then they will surely appear along my road.

I walked towards the European border, got my papers done. Everything was fine except the fact that I was the only one WALKING across the border and the soldiers did ask a lot of questions, especially concerning my walking instead of like all the others, in vehicles. Since all my paperwork was legitimate, they had no reason to doubt my answer “I simply like walking” and let me pass.

Just when I was explaining this hobby to the border guards, a car waiting behind me heard me and a bald guy with glasses wound down the window and asked:”You are going to Bulgaria? We also! Wait for me, I carry you!” One had to love the hospitality of Turkish people. They did not set boundaries against strangers that much and most of them had no issue with trusting foreigners.

I waited and got into the car of this bald guy and his friend, both of them about 40 years old and looked rather serious. The bald guy spoke some English. They were both married and had kids. However, tonight they were crossing the border at this late hour, to secretly meet two Bulgarian women on the other side! They loved Bulgarian women and asked if I liked them too.

Of course! 😀 😛

They did not carry me for long before they stopped at a Turkish restaurant on the Bulgarian side. They talked with people there and the young man, who was obviously the boss of the restaurant, was politely introduced to me. “You stay here, do not worry. He help you!” The bald man said to me while the polite young man nodded.

Off they went, for their secret date. I looked up at the sky, full of shinning stars already.

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