How to Find Graveyards in Asia and Sleep There?

Dec 21st, 2014

It did not look like a city and the most notable thing was that there was a big restaurant, with big open fields filled by empty tables just on the road side. I did not see a single tourist…… I asked around and it turned out that I was dropped at the outskirts of the city, about 10km away from city center. 🙂 There were only locals there. WOWO! 😀 The thing that stroke me the most was that that restaurant had a karaoke hall and they put the volumes of all devices at the unbelievable maximal and the singing could literally be heard 15 km away. Being super loud was a big problem. However, the fact that the guy who was singing had such a terrible and splitting voice was an even bigger problem….. I felt my head would explode anytime…… I could hear clearly that there were some splinters inside his throat and that was why he was screaming with such a broken voice and so loudly…… 😛
Seriously, I had to escape from this noise as soon as possible. Unfortunately it was totally flat there. I walked for about 2 hours and I could still hear the splitting voice, so clearly!!! I was wondering how the unfortunately neighbours of the restaurant were going to sleep! My deepest sympathy……
I walked on and on along the road. I decided not to go to the city center and just sleep somewhere along the road. I would find something, for sure!
Finally I saw a monastery on my left side. I was already more than 15 km away from the splitting voice and I thought I could fall sleep okish now. I entered the gate of the monastery. All of a sudden three ferocious dogs jumped out!!! I was totally shocked and scared back!! In Middle East and Europe it rarely happens, but in Asia, especially China and  South East Asia many households keep dogs, ferocious dogs to guard their homes and these dogs can be really aggressive. I tried to calm them down, talk them into their senses and charm them with my lovely smiles. None worked…… Ok, no way to sleep here…
I walked on and on. The splitting voice was finally fading away but I still did not find a place to sleep…… Suddenly I saw some fields!! with dry grass!! WOWO! I walked into the fields, but suddenly I saw some black “patches” on the ground…… — Shit! Yes, that was literally cow shits…… The conclusion was soon confirmed by the smell, which was wetted by the early dew.
It was a beautiful night, especially when I looked at the open countryside fields and the bright silver moon in the sky. I just needed to find my “five-billion-star hotel” for a sleep……
Eventually I saw some fire and a piece of big empty land on my right. There was nobody by the fire. There was no cow shit on the land!! 😀 I walked near the rows of houses on the edges of the big empty land and realized that it was a school! 😀 and the “big empty land” was the schoolyard. There was some grass on it but not thick at all, and sometimes quite sparse. Yeah!! That’s good enough for sleeping!! I just had to make sure to get up before the school kids came. You know, I am a good guy, I did not want to scare kids. 😉 😀
Actually the school looked a bit creepy because all the rooms were so empty and the windows looked like big black holes, eyes of monsters, staring at me. There could be some hidden ghosts somewhere inside the classrooms!! They would jump out and eat me alive once I lay down!!! :O
In China very often we use previous graveyards for building schools because graveyards were big enough and out of noisy city centers. Another reason was about our folklore — For thousands of years ghosts were believed in China and still are in the vast countryside. Many claim to have seen them. There are actually loads of other evidence proving their existence. I personally (together with about 10 classmates in a boarding school) have witnessed something suspected to be a ghost (long story… tell you next time). You know the philosophy of Yin and Yang? They are the two most basic qualities of all things. Yang is the bright, aggressive, masculine, external side while Yin is the opposite. For example, sun is Yang while moon is Yin; man is Yang while woman is Yin; sunny side of the mountain is Yang while the shadowed side is Yin. young people are Yang while old people are Yin. Importantly, Yang can suppress Yin. We believe that ghosts are the extreme Yin things and to suppress them we need something strongly Yang. What else can be more Yang than hundreds of school kids? especially if there are some kids who will later become important figures in the society, then they are even more of Yang.
Ok, enough scary folklore. 🙂 I was thinking:”Do they also use graveyards to build schools in Laos?……” Then I changed my mind and started to look at the bright side:”WOWO! Actually it will be AMAZING to meet a ghost while hitchhiking in Laos! 😀 😀 What kind of language would it speak?! Does it understand me if I tell it ‘I don’t have money’ in Lao language? WOWO! How exciting!…… 😛 😛 ”
I could not find the toilet and decided to give one of the small trees in the yard some biological fertilizer (don’t laugh! That’s right. I am very shameless. 😛 ). Then I stopped thinking about the ghostly bullshit and capsuled myself inside my lovely sleeping bag. I fell asleep in my five-billion-star hotel in no time. 🙂
Did the ghost eventually come out?!! Actually …… (to be continued)

Many Households in Laos Have "Ferocios Dog" Guarding Them
Many Households in Laos Have “Ferocios Dog” Guarding Them

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  1. Amazing story, thanks for share it with us. I liked so much the part of Yin Yang and all the chinese philosophy; hahahaha it was funny and interesting.


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