Get Out of China

Dec 18th, 2014
A rather old hall, with only a fat officer sitting behind a desk, was buzzing with the noise of the fans on the celling.
–“er shi kuai qian!” (meaning 20 Yuan, about 3 US dollar in Chinese)
–“What?! But I have already got the visa!”
–“er shi kuai qian!” The fat officer repeated, without any expression on his face and his face gleamed with sweat and grease everytime he spoke.
When I was still in shock and simply standing there, frowning, those behind me already passed me, handing over an entry form and 20 CNY (Chinese Yuan).
-“So I also need the form?!” I suddenly realized it and said to him.
I went to another table to fill in the form and also to take the time to figure things out.
“I do not think that I would need 20 CNY to cross the border if I have already got the visa. What he was asking for, was simply a bribe. F..K the bastard!” I thought.
I was trying to think of a way to get around it, for I had always hated injustice, especially asking for a bribe from a poor nomad like me! 😛 😀
When I finished the form and asked several other Chinese passengers who were also to enter the country, I came to realize that it was a common practice for them to pay this little bribe everytime.
Now another officer appeared, behind another desk, a female one, rather young and quite good-looking. I chose to queue in front of her desk just in the hope that she would have a different attitude and let me pass without paying the bribe.
I saw several people in front of me giving her bribes, which she accepted. It was my turn now. I could easily see that she liked me, or just how I looked, from her smiles, how she tlited her head and the way her eyes shone. I smiled and said something to humour her and she laughed. It worked. After several stamps I got my passport back, no bribe. I thanked her and a few steps further, I walked out of the entry hall of Laotian border checkpoint.
After 35 days in my home country, finally I got out of China again!
I looked forward and I saw one thing lying in front, the very one thing I had been craving for for 35 days — THE ROAD!

Laotian Border Entry Hall
Boten Border Crossing, Laos

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